Ayr, Scotland

Neogen’s Scotland-based Neogen Europe subsidiary continues to make inroads into the European Union food safety testing market through the distribution of U.S.-produced products, as well as its own expanding line of diagnostics.

About Ayr:

"Largest of the Clyde Coast holiday towns, Ayr lies in the very centre of the famous Firth of Clyde playground, 32 miles South-West of Glasgow, it looks out on the glorious panorama of the Firth, with the majestic peaks of Arran in the foreground and the Mull of Kintyre in the background. The beautiful Ayrshire countryside provided the inspiration for some of the finest verses of the National Bard of Scotland, Robert Burns."

"Undoubtedly Ayr is an old town the most zealous of historical researchers cannot say just how old. Its story is writ large on the pages of Scottish history. Many of its landmarks bear the indelible stamp of its antiquity. But in every other respect the Auld Toun is the modern home of a modern-minded and thriving community who are well aware of the need to keep abreast of the times, not only for their own sakes but for the benefit of the many thousands who come annually to make holiday."

For more information: http://www.ayr.org/

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Neogen continues to welcome the resumés of all those interested in joining our staff. Our aggressive growth strategy is designed to be continually receptive to bright, experienced personnel whose drive and goals complement Neogen's. Don't hesitate to forward your materials to Neogen, as we won't hesitate to pursue staff additions who can help move us forward.

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